Qingdao Pengyuan Kanghua Natural Source  Co., Ltd.

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         Qingdao Pengyuan Kanghua Natural Source Co., Ltd., formerly known as QingdaoPengyuan Natural Pigment Research Institute, founded in 1996, registered capital of 10 million Yuan,is a high-techenterprise located Qingdao,which is also known as the earliest domestic natural pigment manufacturer in China. 


         Pengyuan Kanghua is  engaged in anthocyanin extraction.the main products include:  E163, E162,E140,E141,E100  and  concentrated juice. Such as purple sweet potato red color, cabbage red color ,radish red color , beetroot red color ,grape skin red color,purple perilla red color ,gardenia  yellow/green/blue series ,curcumin.  


          Those products are mainly used in the coloring of food , beverageand daily chemicals. Most of  products are export-oriented,they are sold to more than twenty countries all over theworld.


          Vivid colors derive from the nature.Pengyuan Kanghua will lead your life to nirvana with superior products.